internationale Projekte

internationale Projekte



„With efforts of Mr. Hua Qiu, President of AECESE in Paris the „Reflecion 2017“ presents you an exhibition with 12 German and Chinese artist: Gudrun Hofrichter, Martina Doll, Stefan Mitzlaff,  Song Xiaoming, Guo Yu, Huang Runsheng, Li Lei, Sun Gang, Wang Yuan, Yuan Yu, Yuan Hong and Zhu Keran. They are from different geographical and cultural backgrounds, and their art works show their historical experiences and personal perceptions based on their different cultural backgrounds.
Thanks to Kassel, she opens up our mind, and makes us affectionally discovering ourselves and others, bravely embracing the differences.
Thanks to this exhibition, it reflects the diversity of the world, and, with great joy, it let the perception of our life merger and integrate into each other.“

Peng Rong, Curator, Art Critic, Professor of the College of Art, Sichuan University, China

SO FAR - ein Kunstprojekt geflüchteter KünstlerInnen Oktober/November 2017

Khaled Al Deab

Seyed Zahra Peyrov Sajjad

Atef Khaitou